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Current Issue

July-December 2021| Vol 2| Issue 2

Review Article

Setting up a sustainable interventional radiology practice in a resource-limited environment: Steps to note, challenges, and strategies

Interventional radiology (IR) is a developing sub-specialty in Nigeria. Although IR equipment and consumables are expensive, the benefit to patients on the long run compensates for the financial cos...

Review Article

Systemic complications and imaging challenges of sickle cell disease in sub-saharan Africa

With improved life expectancy of people living with sickle cell disease (SCD) as a result of modern interventions, chronic problems such as pulmonary, abdominal, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and...

Original Article

Plain chest radiographic findings among COVID-19 patients in sub-saharan Africa

Background: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a pandemic that is ravaging the world. Chest imaging plays an important role in the diagnosis and management of patients with COVID-19-related ch...

Original Article

The role of computed tomography in the management of patients with suspected COVID-19 – A Nigerian study

Background: Computed tomography (CT) of the chest is a useful diagnostic adjunct in the management of COVID-19. It has proven useful in areas where ready access to real-time reverse transcrip...

Original Article

Experience with percutaneous drainage of body fluids in a tertiary center in Benin City

Background: Percutaneous drainage is the evacuation of body fluids either using needle aspiration or by catheter placement under imaging guidance. Abnormal collections in the body which may b...

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